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Homeless Veterans, Or Not?

Published: June 19, 2018

To the Editor:

I read an interesting letter published June 5 in The Newtown Bee, “No Homeless Veterans in Connecticut” by Betsy Litt. I found it interesting because it is totally false. The writer wrote how homelessness for our veterans was entirely eliminated in Connecticut because of Governor Malloy since 2015. This is just another falsehood of a long list of falsehoods that this governor wants people in this state to believe. Homelessness has not been eliminated in Connecticut for veterans. Talk to anyone who works with veterans and they will tell you this. One of the biggest champion for veterans is Brad Davis, radio talk show host. He was on the radio this morning talking about the mess the veterans face daily due to homelessness in the state of Connecticut.

The writer continued and wrote, “Under Malloy’s leadership, we eliminated the homelessness problem for veterans; in fact, we reduced overall homelessness by 24 percent.” I think she is confusing the 24 percent figure, which was Malloy’s approval rating for most of 2017 and has since dropped four more points.

In closing, the writer encouraged the people of Connecticut to elect a governor who will continue to prioritize stable housing for veterans. Since Malloy did not do that, let’s instead elect a governor who is truthful with the people of Connecticut. When Fasttrack buses lose 18 million dollars a year, we don’t need a governor to call that endeavor successful. When our state is bankrupt, we don’t need 800 million dollars spent on a rail line from Springfield to New Haven that no one is going to use unless a free ticket weekend is offered. We don’t need a governor who panders to state employees and give them ten-year deals and then says it’s great for Connecticut. We don’t need a governor who gives billion dollar hedge fund companies 110 million dollars to move 12 miles from one city to the next. We don’t need a governor who cuts public school education to the bone. We don’t need a governor who drives people and businesses out of the state because of extraordinary high taxation. We don’t need a governor who let’s prisoners out early to prey on the people of Connecticut and calls it a success.

We need a governor who is going to fix problems for the taxpayers of this state, not create them. And I hope that governor will tackle the homelessness situation we still have for veterans. Those heroes deserve that from us.

Perhaps that is the governor’s plan to end all homelessness — when he drives everyone out, no one will be homeless.

Matthew P. Valenti
20 Tanglewood Road, New Hartford         June 18, 2018

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