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Head O’ Meadow Spirit Day

Published: June 11, 2018

Head O’ Meadow Elementary School students wore blue, red, yellow, and green on May 25 for the school’s annual Spirit Day. It was a day filled with sportsmanship and fun.

The field day began with the full school assembling outside. The morning announcements were shared before physical education teacher Steve “Coach” Dreger announced the day’s plan. Students would rotate through different stations, completing relay obstacle courses or throwing water balloons to partners, all while exhibiting sportsmanship behaviors, Coach Dreger said. The students earned sportsmanship ribbons throughout the day.

Students were grouped into teams by color, with each team representing a mix of different grade levels at the school.

As students were rotating through the stations, Coach Dreger said he had heard an older brother describing to his younger sister about what it means to be good and kind on Spirit Day.

“That means my message is getting through,” said Coach Dreger, about the day’s sportsmanship theme.

While students cheered for their fellow team members, students could also be heard cheering on members of other teams.

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