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Hawley’s Principal Of The Day Switches Things Up

Published: November 25, 2017

While sitting where Hawley Elementary School Principal Christopher Moretti normally sits, behind his desk in his swiveling chair, Hawley second grader Alex Gadbut made some decisions on the morning of November 20, when he was Principal of the Day.

Alex’s family won him the right to be Principal of the Day at a silent auction during the school PTA’s Monster Mash event, held November 6.

Alex and Mr Moretti began the day by greeting students as they arrived at the school, then the pair headed inside to prepare for the day’s morning announcements, shared with the whole school on the loudspeaker. Mr Moretti described how he usually shares the morning announcements, and he prepared Alex to read his section of the announcements for the day.

When asked if he would change anything at the school as principal, Alex said, “I would make a change that kindergarteners would have to do high school work, and every class would [have an extra recess for every day].”

Mr Moretti then told Alex he could share his recess change over the loudspeaker during the morning announcements, for just one day.

When sharing the announcement, “Principal Gadbut” decreed, “All kids should get an extra recess today.”

The day’s agenda also included reading to kindergarten and first grade students, playing basketball with a gym class, and running a fire drill in the afternoon.

Along with sharing his responsibilities for the day, Mr Moretti also gave Alex a tie, which was decorated with M&Ms and paired nicely with Alex’s blazer.

“I hope I get to be principal every day,” Alex said.

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