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Halloween Fire Safety Tips Offered

Published: October 15, 2017

Fire Marshal Rich Frampton is offering the public some Halloween fire safety tips to make trick-or-treating safe for those who participate on Halloween, Tuesday, October 31. The National Fire Prevention Association has distributed these tips to fire officials in the interest of public safety.

*When selecting a Halloween costume, avoid long, trailing fabrics. Also, if a mask is worn, its eye holes should be large enough to allow the wearer to easily see through the mask.

*Children walking in the darkness should carry either flashlights for lighting, or self-illuminated “glow sticks” as part of their costume.

*Dried flowers, cornstalks, and crepe paper catch fire easily. All decorations should be kept away from open flames and other heat sources, such as light bulbs and heaters.

*Battery-powered candles or glow sticks should be used in jack-o-lanterns. Use candles only with great caution. Pumpkins that have lit candles inside them should be kept well away from flammable objects and also well away from places where people will be walking.

*Exits should be kept clear of decorations so that escape routes are not blocked.

*All smoke alarms in homes should be in working order.

*Children should be cautioned to avoid open flames. Also, children should be coached in the “stop, drop, and roll” technique to put out a fire if their costumes should ignite.

*If children are attending Halloween parties at other people’s homes, they should look for ways to get out of the home fast in the event of an emergency.

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