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Fundraiser Supports Couple After House Fire On Great Quarter Road

Published: April 21, 2018

One Sandy Hook couple is reaching out to the community after a fire in March left their home uninhabitable.

In a post on Facebook group Newtown Neighbors Unite earlier this month, the message begins: “My name is Kim Sabatino and I’ve been a resident of Sandy Hook, CT for 25 years. I live a quiet life with Ken Sabatino, my husband of 36 years. This past year has been a challenging one for us.”

Aside from the recent fire, they have been dealing with complications stemming from Mr Sabatino’s near-fatal 2008 motorcycle accident. Mrs Sabatino wrote: “Life got increasingly difficult.”

Then on March 9, 2018, “we experienced a different type of trauma. After losing power for three days due to a nor’easter, our house caught on fire.”

She states, “Our home suffered extensive damage …” And she discovered after the fire “that our homeowner’s insurance had lapsed, leaving us uninsured.”

A “very private person,” she said, “asking for help is not easy for me.”

A neighbor encouraged her to set up the online fundraising page:, accessible through the

Newtown Neighbors Unite, “because so many people in the community have asked how they can help. Right now, I am working on figuring out next steps for me and my husband. I am slowly trying to put our life back together.”

She then thanks “all of the wonderful neighbors who have reached out to me and offered support. I am overwhelmed by your generosity and am grateful to be a part of the Sandy Hook community.”

Many responses follow, including “Stay strong,” “Wishing you a brighter tomorrow,” and “I will always be here for you,” from community members.

This week, she said that, so far, “it’s been great, a lot of feedback” from family members and neighbors said Ms Sabatino. She said that resident Christine Wilford is helping promote the fundraising page through social media, while Ms Sabatino’s stepdaughter helped her stepmother write the post.

“Support has been great, unbelievable,” she said.

The Sabatino’s 107 Great Quarter Road house fire, as reported in The Newtown Bee on March 10, states “all five of Newtown’s fire companies responded to 107 Great Quarter Road following a report of a heavy smoke condition in the area. The cause of the fire was not yet determined as of Saturday, March 10, according to Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Chief Bill Halstead, who served as incident commander on the scene.”

As many as 45 firefighters responded to the scene. No one was home at the time of the fire.

While the house suffered significant damage, the fire chief believes it may be repairable.

“Obviously they can’t live there now, but I think it can be repaired,” Chief Bill Halstead said.

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