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From The Mouths Of Children…

Published: July 10, 2018

To the Editor:

The Bee Lines from the July 6, 2018 edition of The Newtown Bee made me feel as though I had seen the future, and it is bright. When several children were asked what lesson they learned in school this year, each answered with messages that addressed valuable life lessons, revealing maturity and awareness of what really matters, which was moving and inspiring.

Answers about collaborating with others, being the best you can be, self improvement, and being open to new people and experiences are the soft skills that are perhaps the most important ones teachers impart and parents can encourage. Teachers, parents, and most of all the children deserve credit for sending the message that how people treat themselves and each other is the best lesson. Clearly, these kids got it.

Elizabeth Young
Ashford Lane, Newtown         July 10, 2018
Note: Ms Young is the theater reviewer for The Newtown Bee.

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