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From BoostCycle Patron To New Owner

Published: March 30, 2018

Business name: BoostCycle

Address: 274 South Main Street, Newtown

Owner: Emily DeMarco

Business background: Starting as a casual rider at BoostCycle just two years ago, Emily DeMarco did not anticipate that 500 classes later she would be its owner.

When the 27-year-old Newtown native started going to BoostCycle sessions with friends before and after work, there were just ten bikes in the studio. After a year, she had pedaled her way through 200 classes and found her love for the workout continued to grow. She decided to take the momentum she built riding and begin teaching classes.

“It’s really one of the only workouts that I enjoy so consistently,” said Ms DeMarco.

On March 9, Ms DeMarco took the leap from instructor to first-time business owner when original owners Val and Tatiana Mehmeti sold BoostCycle.

With so much passion for the workout, Mr Mehmeti and Ms DeMarco continue to teach classes at BoostCycle, along with instructors Zac Palazzo and Joan Dudziec.

Business focus: BoostCycle is not a traditional cycling or spin studio.

“When people think of a spin class they think of going up and down, climbing and sprinting, and that’s it. But we really want to include a full-body workout on the bike,” Ms DeMarco said. “It is predominantly cardio. We do climb and sprint, but we also do push-ups on the bike, we have a weighted bar we use, we do upper body and arms, and there’s towel resistance.”

Each high-energy BoostCycle session runs for 45-minutes and is suitable for all experience levels.

The room is kept dark, except for a spotlight on the instructor and accent lights along the walls rhythmically flashing to the music. Depending on the instructor, BoostCycle plays everything from Top 40 to Latin infusion to 1990s to 80s songs. There are even special theme-rides that play specific artist such as Demi Lavato and Lady Gaga.

“It’s a fun environment and that’s why people get really into it,” Ms DeMarco said.

During every BoostCycle class, riders are encouraged to use the time to focus on being present and reach the goals they have set for themselves.

“People are asked to ride at their own pace. We’re obviously up there to push them, but we always tell every new person to just keep pedaling, that’s the most important part,” Ms DeMarco explained.

Since the bikes adjust for each rider, the class is suitable for ages 10 and up. Ms DeMarco even has a dedicated 80-year-old rider who attends BoostCycle regularly.

BoostCycle also offers a shower onsite and a store by the front desk for those looking to purchase water and company apparel or rent clip-in shoes for the bikes.

Important to know: Providing a safe, full-body workout in a fun atmosphere for riders is always a priority.

“We encourage people to let out their energy — tension, anger, excitement, whatever they have — and just give it their all,” Ms DeMarco said.

BoostCycle has bikes for up to 32 riders per class. Ms DeMarco recommends those interested in attending a session sign-up ahead of time, since it is a first come first serve basis for the bikes. In addition to booking online, BoostCycle also accepts registration through the free MindBody app.

Future promotions and seasonal specials: “Right now, we have great new rider specials and anyone local can get a free week,” Ms DeMarco said.

Drop-ins for a class are $20, but riders can now enjoy a month of unlimited classes for $99. Also, those eager to start their BoostCycle workouts can also take advantage of a special deal.

“If people come for their free week and want to sign-up on their first day, they still get their free week and then a month for $50,” Ms DeMarco said.

The savings is a two-month commitment with the following month at a rate of $99.

Hours: The BoostCycle studio is currently open during scheduled class time. Monday through Thursday classes are at 5:45 am, 9:30 am, and 7 pm; Friday classes are at 5:45 am, 9:30 am, and 6:30 pm; Saturday classes are at 8 am and 10 am; and the Sunday class is at 8:30 am. New instructors are being trained to add more classes in the future.


Social Media: Instagram and Facebook @BoostCycle

Phone: 203-491-2667


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