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Fraser Woods Montessori School Student Science Projects

Published: May 11, 2018

Fraser Woods Montessori School fourth to seventh grade students had science projects on display in the school’s gymnasium on April 26. Head Upper Elementary Teacher Brian Comstock and science teacher Zach Brown oversaw students working on the projects.

Mr Comstock said students in fourth and fifth grade largely completed projects that researched topics like sound, light, or magnetism. Mr Brown said the older students completed projects based around the theme of environmental activism.

As he was demonstrating his project, fourth grader Finn Sommer said, “My problem was how sound can become visible.” Finn said he used a Chladni plate ( a “flat sheet of metal, usually circular or square, mounted on a central stalk to a sturdy base,” according to and sand to show how the sand creates different patterns thanks to vibrations through a range of kilowatts.

Fourth grader Kayla Bashawaty explained that her project tested whether a magnetic pull or force was the same or different through a range of materials. She attached a magnet to the bottom of a toy car to test how the car moves on a rotating box she built using different materials.

Across the room, Kayla’s older sister Maya, a sixth grader, stood near her own project. Maya explained she recently learned about the benefits of green roofs, which have plants situated on top of roofs.

“They could really help if everybody had one,” said Maya, while describing her project.

Seventh grader Ava Argento explained that she studied which light bulbs are the best to use to conserve electricity.

“I wanted to do this because a lot of coal is burned making energy in power plants,” said Ava, before she added that she learned LED lights are more efficient and therefore less coal is burned to supply energy for the bulbs.

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