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Experience, Honesty, Integrity

Published: October 27, 2017

To the Editor:

As Newtown’s previous town clerk of 20 years, I don’t take those words lightly: Four years ago I wrote these same words describing the qualities of Debbie Aurelia Halstead and her performance as town clerk of Newtown. Debbie has served in this capacity for over ten years and her “hands-on” experience is invaluable.

Debbie has proven her commitment to the office of town clerk by continuing to upgrade and streamline service in the office wherever and whenever possible. She has attained the highest level of certification possible within the town clerk/city clerk profession, not an easy task. Debbie continues to provide Newtown’s citizens with a town clerk’s office that strives to meet the needs of each person entering her office in the most professional manner possible and will continue to implement the most current technology and services available wherever possible.

Debbie Aurelia Halstead is a ten-year (plus) experienced town clerk, honest, and always serves Newtowners with the highest degree of integrity.

Please vote for Debbie for town clerk on November 7, assuring that the office of town clerk will continue to serve the citizens of Newtown with the same high degree of excellence for the next four years.

Cindy Curtis
3590 NE 107th St Road, Anthony, Fla.         October 26, 2017

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