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Disdain For Constitution, And Assault Launched At Democracy

Published: January 31, 2017

To the Editor:

Acting Attorney General: Fired.

Acting Chief of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement: Fired.

Veteran Senior State Department officials: Fired.

EPA ordered muzzled.

Department of Defense Secretary advised not welcome at Cabinet briefings unless invited.

Our Designated Envoy to the UN likewise not welcome at Cabinet briefings unless invited.

Department for Homeland Security (DHS) officials at airports ordered to continue prohibiting persons with valid visas from entering the USA, thus defying a Federal Court’s order.

The Trump Administration and Trump himself are governing by fiat, and removing from office/authority any persons, no matter how credentialed, who express or take positions in opposition to their agenda.

Trump and his spokesmen respond with dismissal and disdain to legitimate criticism voiced by Congressional members of both parties.

DHS lawyers objected to Trump’s order banning green card and valid visa holders, deeming that this ban was illegal; these lawyers also asked that a grace period be permitted before implementation to determine its legality and avoid the chaos of stranded travelers. The lawyers were personally overruled by Bannon and Stephen Miller. It is now known that Bannon is the principal formulator of Trump’s Executive Orders to date.

All of our citizens, of whatever political persuasion, should fear the future. A well-organized, well-funded, and largely covert faction has formed over the years, since at least 2001. It has co-opted a significant portion of the traditional GOP. It acts almost as would a “royal guard,” masquerading as concerned with security of our citizens while it promotes ever more pervasive surveillance over all of us, inflames xenophobia, and lays the ground for autocratic control.

I see the ugly face of Fascism behind a veil of legitimacy. Beware when any executive, with its staff, ignores the courts, and disdains the voice of legislators.

Polly Brody
Heritage Village, Southbury         January 31, 2017
Ms Brody, a published poet, was a longtime resident of Newtown.

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