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Disappointing Service

Published: July 11, 2018

To the Editor:

I am having some difficulties with Frontier Communications and was wondering whether other readers have also suffered the same disingenuous service I have.

On May 15, we were hit by the storm and of course lost power, comms, and even access to our property. By May 27, power and Spectrum service were resumed — simply an amazing job, and our hats should go off to the guys and gals who made that happen.

After logging calls with Frontier and essentially being told it would take weeks, I canceled service and re-signed up with Spectrum. Ever since then, I have been receiving bills from Frontier demanding that I pay for the full months termination time — despite service “as far as I am concerned” never being restored. Frontier claims that service was restored on May 29 — yet I have a voicemail from Frontier, which I have saved and transcribed, that states:

Danbury CT Frontier Service Agent “Dan” Date May 30th — Time 3:47 pm

“Hi, this is Dan with Frontier calling — Um, I have just gotten to your residence. And ah, the cable is down in your road. I have just reported it to construction; they probably already know about it, but I reported it again. Um, I wish I could give you an estimated time of restoring your service. Um, as you know we have been pretty overwhelmed from this storm. But if you have any questions, you can call me back on this line. Thank you.”

Yet Frontier still insists on charging me from May 29 — because that is when they claim that service was restored.

I was wondering whether other readers have suffered the same experience as I have.

Kind regards,
Knud Pedersen
36 Valley Field Road South, Newtown         July 11, 2018

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