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Delia For Board Of Education

Published: October 11, 2017

To the Editor:

I would like to express my support of Daniel Delia as a potential member of the Newtown Board of Education. I have the pleasure of working with Mr Delia at Woodside Intermediate School. Mr Delia’s character, charisma, and professionalism are the reason he is such a critical member of our school community.

With students, Mr Delia creates engaging and relevant experiences for every child. Although he is in charge of teaching each child in our school, he takes the time to learn their names, engage them in meaningful conversations, and discover what they are passionate about. Students truly light up when in his room because he continues to research and build upon his own knowledge in order to enhance his teaching and create passion in each student. Mr Delia is an incredible teacher.

As a colleague, Mr Delia is a role model and empathetic peer. Each morning he greets every teacher with a smile and a positive attitude. He is dedicated and prepared, coming in early and staying late to plan, collaborate, and support colleagues. Mr Delia is always prompt, able to provide constructive criticism, and dedicated to helping our school be a safe, positive, and supportive environment for both teachers and students.

In the role of a Board of Education member, it is impossible to imagine a stronger candidate. He is devoted to the field of education, and his ability to think critically, lead, and collaborate with others would help to shape and further Newtown’s public school system. Newtown’s mission of inspiring students to excel is one that Daniel Delia clearly holds within his own teaching philosophy. Your Board of Education will find an excellent leader and dedicated board member when choosing Mr Delia.

Alyssa Frohlinger
28 Ruscan Road, Wethersfield         October 11, 2017

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