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Debate Reaffirms Vote

Published: October 31, 2017

To the Editor:

We all know that the state of Connecticut is in financial turmoil. Newtown will need a Board of Selectmen with the experience to navigate the difficult times ahead. Attending the debate last week reaffirmed my decision to cast my vote for Will Rodgers as first selectman and Jeff Capeci as selectman because they have the most experience and are the most qualified to lead Newtown.

Will Rodgers has been on the Board of Selectmen for the last eight years and has helped Newtown make great strides to ensure our fiscal well-being. In addition, he has been a chairman and a member of the Legislative Council and has served on many of its subcommittees. Jeff Capeci is also a former chairman and member of the Legislative Council, in addition to being the chairman of the most recent Charter Revision Commission. Both Will and Jeff have experience working on our town budgets, ordinances, contracts, projects, and more. In addition, they have worked with the Board of Education on their budgets, contracts, and improvement projects. They know how our town works. They know our town employees and the many who volunteer to make Newtown a better place. Their in-depth experience has allowed them to develop many relationships at the state and local levels that will allow them to help Newtown as our state faces financial uncertainty. I have known Will Rodgers for almost 20 years and Jeff Capeci for ten years and have confidence in their ability to lead Newtown.

Newtown is heading in the right direction and Will and Jeff have helped us get this far. Join me in casting a vote for Will and Jeff on November 7.

Michele Buzzi
38 Obtuse Road, Newtown         October 31, 2017

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