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Concerned About ATV Ordinance Proposal

Published: August 13, 2004


    Concerned About ATV

    Ordinance Proposal

    To the Editor:

    What is a law-abiding ATV enthusiast to do? The Bee has above-the-fold page 1 anonymous interview with petition-signing noise ordinance people, a first selectman quick to tie in ATVs in the discussion, and a newly drafted proposal for an ATV ordinance. Also, still to be revealed, unknown details of a draft of a revised sound ordinance. I suspect if I were the anonymous noise ordinance petitioners, I’d be complaining about living on a suspected state highway too. Who would have thought living on a state highway would be so noisy, especially with the windows open.

    Gladly, what has been revealed in the proposed ATV ordinance is a reiteration of existing state statutes; no riding of unregistered vehicles allowed on public property or streets. This has been the law-of-the-land forever, and I wonder why an ordinance is required?

    Something still could change this sound-minded language into a not-so-sound-minded ordinance. To this I offer to organize the law-abiding ATV users into the newly created Newtown Off-Highway Vehicle Association, found at I am certain we can assist this process constructively, apply our decades of experience in these sports, and build a final draft and roadmap for ATV enthusiasts taxpayers in Newtown to cooperate with police, land use boards and commission, and parks and recreation.

    It is confirming to me to see our ATV users grow to such a level as to become a force for cooperation in the forming of our place on the long list of sports and recreation enjoyed here in Newtown.

    Kevin O’Neill

    28 Washbrook Road, Newtown                                   August 11, 2004