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Children’s Adventure Center Students Color Kindness

Published: March 9, 2018

Students at The Children’s Adventure Center in Sandy Hook participated in a coloring activity on Monday, March 5, that focused on the importance of kindness.

The children were encouraged to think about how they can show kindness each day in their own way. Each participant was given a piece of paper that said, “I can show kindness by…” and were asked to give an example.

Children’s Adventure Center helpers wrote their answers on the top of their paper, and the children then colored the page to represent the act of kindness they chose.

Christopher Rodriguez, Munazzah Kahn, Cameron Gilbert, Aubrey Rodriguez, Kelsey Peters, and Tauriel Torrez worked at their table and came up with a variety of answers, some of which included being nice to people, kisses, loving mom and dad, and playing nice.


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