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Chamber Saying ‘Bye’ To Newtown Bucks

Published: December 12, 2017

Anyone holding valid Newtown Bucks gift certificate checks has a limited time to either redeem them at a valid Newtown Chamber member business, or cash them in at any Newtown Savings Bank branch.

The Newtown Chamber is phasing out its long-running gift check promotion in early 2018, and is urging anyone possessing any of the gift checks transact them, preferably during the holiday season or by the end of the year.

The business support agency stopped selling Newtown Bucks as of November 1.

According to spokesperson Helen Brickfield, recipients possessing any remaining certificates can easily redeem them by depositing them like a check with their bank.

If the certificate is made payable to a person presenting the Newtown buck, participating businesses are to ask the presenter to endorse the check payable to that business. Then merchants can deposit them like a check with any bank deposit.

Businesses can handle accepting Newtown Bucks like a “traveler’s check” for goods and services this holiday season.

Since 2010, the Chamber has sold Newtown Bucks to support greater Newtown’s businesses. The program’s goal was to support shop local initiatives.

The organization plans to use social media, e-mails, and local ad campaigns to encourage consumers to spend their Newtown Bucks as soon as possible.

Learn more about the chamber by calling 203-426-2695, or visit:

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