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Castle Hill Celebrates 90 Years

Published: November 4, 2017

Screams rose from the corn maze at Castle Hill Farm Saturday, October 28, just after dark. A bonfire’s orange glow caught guests’ delighted faces as Union Rail began to play its folk and bluegrass music. Visitors poured into the farm, filling the grounds on an unusually warm evening to celebrate Castle Hill Farm’s 90th anniversary.

The Family Farm 90 Years! Celebration, open to the public, included the night corn maze, bonfire, live music, food and snacks. Lynn Kovack and her granddaughters Hannah, Lexi, and Briana all danced as folk songs played.

Across the field and staring at clouds rippling past the moon were Corrinna Manesiotis and her son, George, enjoying their first visit to Castle Hill Farm. The two had cellphones out, trying to photograph the eerie moon. Flashlights cut across the lawn and popcorn scents filled the night. The musicians took a quick break, but as soon as they resumed, Cheri Neal of Illinois, who was visiting her daughter Britney Ditzig of Milford, grabbed her hand and the two began to dance. Ms Ditzig had seen a flyer for the night’s celebration.

“Today I’m blue, and almost lost my mind,” the band sang. Seated on a hay bale to listen were father and mother Kelvin and Sophia Soudra and daughter Mejia.
While some guests waited in line at a food truck, others were already seated with snacks around the bonfire or beneath a large pavilion.

Farm owners Steve and Diana Paproski and their daughters, Shannon Paproski and Stephanie Paproski Kearns, and son-in-law Dan Kearns, all stopped for a quick group photo, quickly returning to errands as the party continued.

The farm, originally mainly a dairy farm, is now a destination for fall pumpkin picking, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas trees, and more.
According to, About Us: “Castle Hill Farm has been owned and operated by the Paproski family for four generations. Currently a retired dairy farm, Castle Hill Farm was once the second largest supplier of dairy products in Fairfield County.

“The farm is approximately one hundred acres in size and is known to be a fun and educational attraction to many, especially in the fall season. Castle Hill Farm is rented as a venue for all occasions, including weddings and is the proud owner of Paproski’s 4-acre Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Patch, 7 acre Corn Maze, and 42-acre Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree Farm. Visit us in the fall for Hay Rides, Pick-your-own Pumpkins, Our Petting Zoo, Corn Maze, Pony Rides, and much more.

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