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Business Buzz: The Parfumerie

Published: May 11, 2018

Business name: The Parfumerie

Address: 246 Main Street, Danbury

Owner: Angela Gallo

Business background: More than 15 years ago, Angela Gallo began running The Parfumerie as a home-based business, initially selling perfume and aromatherapy packaging supplies online. When the customer demand for her inventory exceeded the space available in her dining room, she decided it was time to move the operation to a larger location.

In 2012, she relocated to North Street Shopping Center’s Peacock Alley, which has a lower area of office suites.

“That’s where I grew the internet part of the business,” she explained. In addition to the company’s website, The Parfumerie sells products on both eBay and Etsy.

Between the The Parfumerie’s successful online presence and connections Ms Gallo has continued to develop with perfume and aromatherapy suppliers, she decided to purchase a storefront property on Main Street last January.

Ms Gallo is excited to have her shop in the town she loves and says there is a real revitalization happening with the area.

The Parfumerie officially opened its doors to the public six weeks ago and has already gained a devoted following of regular clientele.

Business focus: The Parfumerie sells everything from bottles and perfuming supplies to essential oils, imported perfume oils and attars, designer inspired perfume oils, and artesian perfumes.

“I always had a passion for oils — all types of oils,” Ms Gallo said.

One look at the shop’s display of oils and it is easy to see the wide variety available. Ms Gallo says she currently has about a dozen types of jasmine, close to 22 rose styles, about 50 different musks, 15 types of sandalwood, 20 ambers, and nearly 150 florals of oils.

She also has design inspired fragrances and rare oils that are made in small batch quantities and imported from across the globe.

Those looking to create a one-of-a-kind scent can partake in the oil blending option for a completely customized aroma.

The Parfumerie also carries certified organic oils, carrier oils, local raw honey, all types of vials, wholesale bottles for aroma therapy, unscented potpourri, organic Tisane Teas, hand-wrapped crystals, wholesale incense, soy candles, different types of sage, palo santo, myrrh, copal, dragon’s blood, and many antique perfume bottles.

In about six weeks, Ms Gallo says, The Parfumerie will also begin offering Meditation Mondays to help people start the week off right.

Important to know: “It’s all about positive energy,” Ms Gallo says of the atmosphere at The Parfumerie. She hopes everyone who visits can enjoy being creative and be willing to try something new.

For those adamant that they dislike a certain scent, she encourages them to be open minded and discover how that scent blends with another. If people are not willing to explore scents, she says, they may miss out on finding their new favorite one.

“Scent is so tied into memory recall, too,” Ms Gallo said. “Scent will bring back a moment of time in your life. You create the moment.”

Future promotions: Sign up for The Parfumerie’s mailing list to receive information on upcoming specials. There will be a Father’s Day special available next month.

Hours: Monday and Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm; and Tuesday through Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Appointments can also be booked for custom fragrance making sessions.


Social Media: and

Phone: 203-456-6139



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