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Business Buzz: Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy

Published: May 19, 2017

Business name: Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy

Address: 33 Church Hill Road, Newtown

Owners: Gary Garofalo, Angela Garofalo, and Jill Hynes

Business background: Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy is a new medical practice in town that focuses on hormone replacements for both men and women.

It officially opened in January of this year, after husband and wife team Gary and Angela Garofalo and their good friend Jill Hynes wanted to blend their passions for health and wellness into a business that can make a difference in the lives of those aging.

Each owner brings his or her own area of expertise to the business, with Ms Hynes’ background in sales and marketing, Ms Garofalo’s experience in finance, and Mr Garofalo’s dedication to fitness.

“We all bring in something different that helps build the company,” Ms Garofalo said.

The three owners did their research and teamed up with age management clinicians to delivery the finest quality of services for their clients to help them feel their best.

Business focus: “There’s a lot of people out there that no matter how hard they work out or how much they diet, there are medical reasons as to why they don’t see improvements,” Mr Garofalo explained.

Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy offers customized hormone replacement therapy solutions to help people thrive in different areas of their life.

Mr Garofalo said, “A lot of times, especially with men, they are a little hesitant to say they aren’t feeling as strong or that they don’t have as much energy or that their performance or stamina isn’t there.”

Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy specializes in educating clients about what can be done and helps create a personalized approach to meet the person’s goals.

Patients can call or e-mail to book an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with a clinician, where they will learn about the specific therapies available. Afterward, they are sent for blood work to see if they medically quality before starting a treatment and being prescribed medication.

“Our clinician specializes in age management,” Mr Garofalo said. “And we do follow very strict FDA guidelines in prescribing.”

Recently, Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy has started offering vitamin injections for men and women. The customized vitamin packages have options for helping burn fat, metabolism boosters, and for B12.

Important to know: Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy is a place where people can go and feel comfortable on their journey to achieve personal wellness with hormone replacement therapy.

Clients privacy is always a priority and as a medical practice it follows all HIPAA guidelines.

“There’s no need to struggle or be ashamed,” Mr Garofalo said.

Men do not have to go through life just accepting conditions like low testosterone.

Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy looks to create a positive environment that breaks the negative stigma of treatment.

Seasonal specials: Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy is offering a free B12 shot or a free month of testosterone treatment (for those that medically quality) for first time clients.

There is also a 15 percent off special for first responders like police, firefighter, and emergency medical services (EMS).

Hours: Currently by appointment only.


Social Media:

Phone: 203-491-2999



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