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Booth Library Offers Portable Wi-Fi Device Perfect For Traveling

Published: January 6, 2017

Along with being able to borrow books, movies, board games, and countless other recreational wonders, the C.H. Booth Library now offers patrons the power of the internet with its free, portable Wi-Fi devices.

The library recently introduced two new gadgets called Pocket WiFi that create mobile hotspots. It allows the person using it to connect their computer or smartphone to the internet.

Systems and Technical Services Librarian Kate Sheehan said, “It would be good for people traveling anywhere in the United States, [where] they won’t have reliable Wi-Fi. So, if your relative doesn’t have Wi-Fi, you can take this to their house and use it as your own Wi-Fi network. Or if you’re going to be on a train or car trip, you can have Wi-Fi while you travel.”

It is important to know that the mobile hotspots only work on Sprint’s cellular network and wherever Sprint has coverage. Sprint’s website says the device holds a charge for up to ten hours.

Ms Sheehan explained, “The hotspot uses Sprint’s cell network to create a Wi-Fi network people can use to connect any device to Wi-Fi … In other words, the device connects to Sprint’s network and creates its own Wi-Fi for you to use with any Wi-Fi-enabled device.”

At the library, the Pocket WiFi can be borrowed for two weeks at a time by visiting the library’s circulation desk. It can be renewed twice if there are no holds, and Newtown residents have the ability to place a hold on a device. For every day it is late there is a fee of $2.

So, whether the user is going on a camping trip in the woods, a trip to the grandparent’s house, or taking a long ride traveling to their destination, borrowing the library’s mobile hotspot will grant people the power of free Wi-Fi everywhere.

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