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Bite Sized Workshop For Engineers At Library

Published: August 24, 2017

This summer, the C.H. Booth Library offered its Bite Sized Workshop from July 14 through August 18, where students ages 8 to 12 years old learned about different STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) -based resources at the library.

The Friday afternoon classes were led in the library’s meeting room by Kyle Griffin, Quinn McAndrew, and Jake Paré, all 15 years old, and all of whom volunteered their time and knowledge to help others discover their own passions for technology.

The Bite Sized Workshop posters explained the classes were designed “For people who like to know how things work.”

Lesson topics ranged from exploring the magnetic building platform littleBits to learning about Smart home devices, basic circuitry with an inventors’ kit called Makey-Makey, and how to race small Sphero robots. The latter is a robotic ball that is controlled by an app on a Smartphone or tablet.

The last session for the Bite Sized Workshop took place on Friday, August 18, and taught students about 3D designing and 3D printing using a website called Tinkercad.

Jake explained how Tinkercad is an introductory level site that is free and can be accessed at the library, as well as from people’s home computers. Users can drag and drop pieces from the website’s toolbar of general shapes then work on customizing their 3D creation.

“We wanted to showcase how kids can build something on this website, export it, and then print it if they wanted to at the library,” said Quinn, referencing to the library’s 3D printer.

During the class, each student who attended used a laptop to have his or her own hands-on experience with the site.

Kyle mentioned how every class they strive to try to introduce the lesson or gadget to students, then show them how they can access it and use it in the future.

The three hope their Bite Sized Workshop was an opportunity for young people in the community to learn about some exciting resources and know that they are available right here in town, at the C.H. Booth Library.

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