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Birding And Great Amphibian Migration Focus Of Next Sunday With The Sanctuary

Published: February 17, 2017

The next Sunday with the Sanctuary event hosted by The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary is scheduled for February 26, from 1 to 3 pm. Events will be in The Alexandria Room of Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street.

“Birding and Great Amphibian Migration” is the theme of this month’s workshops, which will be suitable for all ages. The afternoon will offer fun activities and live demonstrations, all free of charge.

Horizon Wings will kick off the workshops with a live birds of prey demonstration at noon. Attendees will be invited to meet magnificent birds up close and learn all about them.

Ken Elkins, from Audubon Center Bent of the River in Southbury, will discuss how to recognize backyard birds by sight and sound during a 15-minute session starting at 1.

Then from 1:30 until 2:30 pm, birding stations will be set up. Traditional Bird ID will challenge guests to identify birds using traditional bird identification methods. BYOD (bring your own device — smartphone or tablet) will look at some of the different birding apps available. Bird Songs will present old school and now school ways of identifying a bird by the song it sings. Audubon Table will offer all things birds, including information on creating a bird habitat. Bluebird Table, with Citizen Conservation Team member Kate Grasso Pratt, will cover the creation, location and care needed for a bluebird house. Guests to that station will also be able to become a participant in Citizen Science.

The final session of the afternoon will begin at 2:30. In a 30-minute presentation, Environmental Educator Henryk Teraszkiewicz will talk about “The Great Amphibian Migration.”

Frog and salamander migration time is approaching, and communities are being invited to join UConn’s Citizen Science Project by counting these amphibians on their way to breeding pools. Mr Teraszkiewicz will explain the migration and how anyone can become involved in counting and protecting these creatures as they migrate.

Special kits will be available on Sunday for those who wish to sign up and become part of the Crosswalk Corp in the Citizen Science Great Amphibian Migration.

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