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Attention All Seniors

Published: April 17, 2017

To The Editor:

Attention all seniors and those who plan on being seniors someday. Please remember to vote on April 25 and please vote Yes for the $3 million appropriation for the new senior center. Newtown really needs a bigger, better senior center. We have approximately 5,000 seniors in Newtown (almost 20 percent of our population), and the center we have is woefully inadequate. Voting No will not reduce the budget or your taxes.

Seniors are an integral part of our community and this new center, which could be attached to the new community center for cost savings and convenience, is one way to show them we care and give them an incentive to stay. Our referendums have had a very low turnout compared to elections and yet they have a very direct impact in our lives. Please join me in voting for the new senior center on April 25.

Barbara Bloom
25 Philo Curtis Road, Sandy Hook          April 17, 2017

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