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Appreciation And Hopes For Continued Support

Published: September 8, 2017

To the Editor:

We want to thank Newtown for the reception we’ve received as we’ve campaigned in this primary season seeking the Republican nomination for first selectman and selectman. As we contacted you to earn your support for a third time (having previously received endorsement from the Republican Town Committee and from a caucus of all participating Republicans this July), we’ve enjoyed listening to your ideas and concerns. If you will once again support us at the Republican Primary this coming Tuesday, September 12, we promise to incorporate those ideas into our own efforts in representing Newtown.

We are committed to preserving what we love about Newtown, namely our quality of life, physical beauty of our surroundings, and cooperative spirit between citizens and government, premised on a government-led foundation of openness and fair play.

There are difficult times ahead given the reality of shrinking state aid. We will offset that loss in revenue by aggressively expanding our commercial tax base, bringing businesses to existing commercial areas, and pursuing larger commercial development provided it is congruent with surroundings and long-term strategic plans and goals.

We will seek to reduce spending by outsourcing, privatizing, and regionalizing services where appropriate, as well as enhancing efficiencies of operations, in part by pursuing intralocal and interlocal collective purchasing opportunities.

Despite the austere financial environment, moreover, we are committed to restoring our roads under a measured, methodical plan, and more generally concentrating on infrastructure improvements with the goal of creating ongoing maintenance plans that minimize the need for future “catch ups.”

We have over 40 years combined public service to Newtown, much at the leadership level. Both of us were chairs of the Legislative Council. Will has sat on the Board of Selectmen through two storms and Sandy Hook. Simply put, there is no team that has broader or more relevant experience than we do. With large changes looming due to high turnover in salaried and elected officials coupled with changing funding realities, we believe this experience will serve Newtown well at a critical juncture.

We respectfully ask for your support at the polls from 6 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, September 12, at your regular district polling locations, or via absentee ballot, which can be cast at the town clerk’s office beforehand.

Thank you.

Will Rodgers, First Selectman Candidate
208 Hattertown Road, Newtown

Jeff Capeci, Selectman Candidate
52 Bear Hills Road, Newtown         September 6, 2017

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