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Adopt From Kitten Associates

Published: November 23, 2012


    Adopt From Kitten Associates

    The following kittens are available for adoption through Kitten Associates:

    TATER TOT with big pumpkin-colored eyes and a short buff and cream coat with stripes and spots, Tater’s a joy to behold. This 5 month old kitten loves to make funny sounds, chase the laser pointer dot, and get belly rubs. This kitten is very charming and loves other cats, especially his sister, Latte.

    LATTE has lovely golden eyes and patches of orange and cream throughout her coffee-colored fur making her a true Tortoiseshell. Latte loves lap time, racing around, and having fun with her brother, Tater. They’re a great pair but it’s also okay if you only have room in your home for one. Latte has a sweet disposition and gentle nature.

    WILLOW has a lovely long patchwork coat and round green eyes. She’s got it all – looks, personality, and charm. She loves other cats, loves people, and loves to play fetch or carry toys around in her mouth. She’s a sweet girl and very small for her age, at just a year old.

    Kitten Associates is looking for volunteers to take on any one of a variety of tasks, including providing foster homes. To learn about all of the cats in the program, or about volunteer needs, visit:, email, or call 203-744-9CAT (9228).