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Adopt A Cat From Animal Control

Published: November 23, 2012


    Adopt A Cat From Animal Control

    The following cats are available for adoption through the Brian J. Silverlieb Animal Care and Control Center:

    ANNIE is a sweet black and white female. She is spayed, about 5 years old, and was found abandoned in a garage in Newtown along with another cat. Annie has a strikingly beautiful face, black ears, black around her eyes, snow white on the bridge of her nose, whiskers, and cheeks, a black spot on her chin, enchanting amber eyes, and a very feminine pink nose.

    AMOS is a cool laidback kind of a guy. He is neutered, all black, and around 5 years old. Amos was found abandoned, along with another cat (Annie), in a garage in Newtown. He is easy to handle and is quite the gentleman. He is sporting a bit of extra weight (living the good life at the shelter) but could easily shed that with a bit of exercise.

    GEORGE is a large orange and white male cat weighing in at a dozen pounds or so. He’s about 4 or 5 years old and was found, missing or abandoned, and wandering in Newtown. Although a stray, he had been well kept by someone who obviously cared for him. He has a nice disposition and is calm and easy to handle.

    CYBILL is a 2 year old black female cat weighing 7 or 8 pounds. She was found abandoned in Newtown and was very uncomfortable, flea infested, and quite irritable. Since being taken in and cared for by some very special people at the shelter, Cybill has lost all of her fleas, has become quite comfortable, but still maintains something of an attitude. She can be onerous at times and needs to have a firm but loving and consistent hand.

    All of the cats may be seen at the Brian J. Silverlieb Animal Care and Control Center on Old Farm Road. Call 203-426-6900 for information.