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Accidental Fire Damages Toddy Hill Road House

Published: April 13, 2017

NOTE: This is an updated version of a story originally posted on Tuesday, April 11.

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An accidental fire that started in the basement of a single-story house on a two-acre property at 101 Toddy Hill Road drew all five local volunteer fire companies, plus firefighters from Stepney, about 9:21 pm on April 10, to extinguish the blaze, which extensively damaged the premises.

Botsford Fire Rescue Chief Wayne Ciaccia, who was the incident commander, said that firefighters used several thousand gallons of water carried on fire tankers to quickly put out the fire.

Edward J. Cedor, Jr, who owns the house and lives there, was outside the burning building and was uninjured when firefighters arrived, fire officials said.

Firefighters provided oxygen to a dog that was rescued from the burning basement, reviving the pet, Chief Ciaccia said. Mr Cedor had eight other dogs that were uninjured in the incident. The fire caused the death of several caged birds that were within the living quarters, the fire chief said.

The American Red Cross provided alternate lodgings for the resident, because his house was uninhabitable due to scorch, smoke, and water damage. The house, however, can be repaired, said Chief Ciaccia.

Although the fire’s flames damaged only a small section of the house, the blaze caused considerable smoke damage to the premises, fire officials said.

Fire Marshal Rich Frampton said that the fire began either within a clothes dryer or in objects stored near that dryer. The dryer was in use to dry a blanket. The blaze then spread upward from the dryer, entering the living quarters.

Mr Cedor told firefighters that while working in the living quarters, he heard a “popping” sound from his basement, after which he checked downstairs and discovered the fire in the basement, Mr Frampton said.

There were smoke detectors in the house, but they had no batteries in them, the fire marshal said.

Had the fire occurred when Mr Cedor was sleeping, it could have been a much more serious incident, Mr Frampton said.

The fire created an estimated $50,000 to $75,000 worth of property damage, he said, adding that the property is insured.

Chief Ciaccia noted that the firefighting effort was complicated by the extensive amount of items that were being stored within the house.

The house is situated at the end of a long, narrow driveway that slopes downward, away from Toddy Hill Road, complicating access to the structure.

Approximately 40 volunteer firefighters responded to the incident, Chief Ciaccia said.

Of the firefighting effort, the chief added, “I think it went very well, as well as could be expected.”

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