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A Role Model Local Politician

Published: October 10, 2017

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter to endorse Jim Gaston for re-election to the Newtown Board of Finance. As a current seated member of the finance board, I have been a firsthand witness to Mr Gaston’s work. Jim diligently researches topics between our meetings and he comes to the table with both detailed analysis and proposals. He is a great listener during deliberations, yet he is not afraid to take a stance with his own ideas toward continuous improvement within our community.

Jim’s experience speaks for itself, including 14 years on the Board of Finance, four years on the Board of Selectman, and various other capacities of volunteerism in Newtown. I have observed his leadership amongst the team as both chairperson and vice chair of the Board of Finance. Even with his extensive experience, Jim continues to challenge the status quo and the traditional mindset. Jim Gaston is a primary advocate for “Facts First” and data-driven decisionmaking. He is a big supporter of a strong school system with efficient spending. Specifically, Jim has displayed his critical thinking and analytical skills toward the Senior Tax Relief Program as well as the Debt Policy, and of course our annual budget process and five-year Capital Improvement Plan.

I truly hope Newtown comes together in support of re-electing Jim Gaston to the Board of Finance; but most of all, I just want to say thank you. Thank you, Mr Gaston, for your years of service. Thank you for your leadership within the community. Thank you for being a role model local politician and all-around outstanding human being.

Aaron Carlson, Newtown Board of Finance
2 Old Farm Hill Road, Newtown         October 10, 2017

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