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A Remarkable Performance

Published: June 12, 2018

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the Newtown Centre of Classical Ballet. I was one of many in attendance that enjoyed the production of La Bayadere (The Temple Servant), music by Leon Minkus.

The young and older young dancers all performed with grace and confidence. The solo and small ensemble dancers were exceptional. Artistic director Tory Gozzi made the best use of a limited stage area for a ballet that requires a large cast. Former artistic director Jennifer Johnson was presented with a flower bouquet for her help with the production.

I have not been in the Town Hall Theater for many years. As I looked at various parts of the theater, I realized what a treasure it is for Newtown, and “they don’t build places like this anymore.” The music started, the dancers entered the stage, and this was the perfect setting for a ballet.

Joseph Grasso
64 Toddy Hill Road, Sandy Hook         June 11, 2018

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