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A Message To Google

Published: March 13, 2018

To the Editor:

By publishing my statement below, I hope to alert others regarding what I came across on YouTube (owned by Google), that caused me to send the e-mail below to Google.

Attention Management at Google:
I accidentally came across a NRA video on YouTube: a NRA female spokesperson making egregious assertions directed at and falsely characterizing athletes, people in entertainment, TV anchors, newspapers, and political office holders who have spoken in favor of improved gun control. Not only did she recite the hatefully untrue litany of white supremacists, which now the NRA (once fairly responsible) has made its own position, but she made and graphically illustrated with her hourglass a thinly veiled threat to the lives and security of forenamed persons.

I am appalled.

I vehemently request Google to end its contract to carry NRA’s digital TV stream which you currently host.

I use Google as my browser and gmail, and occasionally YouTube. I hope to receive a response to this communication and to learn you will cease carrying that reprehensible NRA stream. Failing this, I will consider severing my relationship with Google, and will do my best to influence my family, friends, acquaintances, and local newspapers to do the same.

More than enough children have been murdered.

Polly Brody
218-B Heritage Village, Southbury         March 9, 2018
Ms Brody is a former resident of Newtown and published poet.

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