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A Look Back, As We Look Forward

Published: December 29, 2016

The Newtown Bee

Within the pages of The Newtown Bee this week is a reprisal of the year, garnered from the 2016 editions of the paper. It is a way of revisiting the people, places, and issues that have intrigued us and our readers.
It is a way to say farewell, once again, to some of the many residents and former residents who passed on; to make note of those who made us take notice; to remind us of the events that were — and in some cases remain — of matter to us.

What is striking in looking back on any year is how generous residents are with donations of time, money, and tangible items. The interfaith community this past year called upon others to assist in settling a refugee family in the area, with overwhelming response. Other local groups put in hours of volunteering to bring joy and beauty to this town. Individuals and families are aided when shelves of our food pantries are well-stocked. Holiday and seasonal needs are met through the efforts of groups like WIN and the Newtown Fund, as well as the local police and fire companies. Organizations like Golden Opportunities find Newtown citizens willing to help make life pleasant for the elderly. The Newtown Bee was fortunate to capture many of those events.

We have in place centers and organizations that tend to those whose souls are wounded, as well as groups providing positive outlets for renewal, and we have had the honor of sharing those stories in 2016.
Music is a salve to the anxious, a lift to the spirits, and a joy for all who hear. In 2016, our town had the pleasure of hearing the songs of school children, the incredible talent and sounds of our Newtown High School Marching Band, Color Guard, and orchestra, and witness song, dance, and drama unfold through local talent on the stage.

Town government and agencies, boards and commissions addressed issues that will affect us in the near and long term. Stories in this edition of the paper will remind you of many important decisions made in 2016.

In a town where education is so valued, it has been a pleasure to bring stories of students and staff into homes of our subscribers.

Newtown’s history is always revealing another layer, and we explored some of it within our pages in 2016. From artifacts to artwork, we were happy to have the opportunity to bring these stories to our readers.
We are grateful for all who open their lives, homes, businesses, joys, concerns, and heartaches to our editors. The Newtown Bee is a community newspaper, and we appreciate the chance to bring the news of our town into every home.

We hope that in this issue, you are reminded, as are we, of the tremendous gifts and challenges of 2016; and wish all a year of peace in 2017.

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