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A Leader And Friend

Published: October 27, 2017

To the Editor:

I am proud to write this letter of endorsement for Paul Lundquist who is running for a fourth term on the Legislative Council in District 1. Paul has proven his dedication to our town through his many years of service to us. For more than six years he served on the Legislative Council, showing courage and independent thinking as he stood alone, or with a small minority, for issues like funding education and maintaining the rural, neighborly character of Newtown. Paul currently serves as vice chairman of the council.

Despite his long record of dedication to Newtown, Paul remains low-key and humble about the tremendous skill set he offers. As his wife, however, I cannot let pass the opportunity to sing the praises of this wonderful man. What sets Paul apart are his personal qualities.

First and foremost, Paul is a good person. He is the kind of man you want not only as a leader, but as a friend. He is caring, trustworthy, loyal, and hardworking. He is a solid, devoted husband and father. Paul is intelligent, fair, open-minded, and genuinely concerned about the people of our town. Paul Lundquist is as honest and responsible a man as one could know. I know that he is passionate about Newtown, our home for almost 20 years. Please join me in supporting him in his candidacy for Legislative Council. Newtown needs a person as capable as he is and our town will only gain from Paul’s talents and experience.

Vote for Paul Lundquist, Legislative Council, District 1.

Elaine Lundquist
148 Currituck Road, Newtown         October 26, 2017

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