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A Different Kind Of BOE Candidate

Published: November 1, 2017

To the Editor:

I write today to endorse a very special candidate for Newtown’s Board of Education, Deborra Zukowski. Known to her friends simply as “Deb Z.,” she is a wonderfully nonpolitical breath of fresh air that will bring a fresh, nuts and bolts approach to our school board.

Deb is an educationally focused, analytical, consensus builder who brings life to the democratic process. She deserves your consideration as the only true independent candidate before us on November 7. But you’ll have to work a little to elect this remarkable advocate for children. You see, Deb is also the only BOE candidate running as a registered “write-in.” Her name does not actually appear on the ballot. You’ll need to remember “Deb Z.” in square 14D when you vote, so let’s practice.

Repeat after me… “Deb Z. in 14D.”

Deb’s not beholden to ideology, just devoted to our children, teachers, and schools. She’s the voters’ choice to ensure a neutral Board of Education that, above all, is driven to serve our kids’ best interests.

A 15-year Newtown resident and a proponent of public school education, Deb grew up in a small town, part of an extended family that experienced the good of public education as a springboard to a multitude of career choices, from the trades to the military, teaching to high-tech, engineering and more. Mother of two Newtown High School grads, she nurtured them to parlay their fine Newtown preparation into post-graduate degrees and successful careers in the scientific and high tech communities.

Deb is a lifelong, respected community volunteer, most recently on the Charter Revision Committee, serving on eight committees over 12 years. A clear-headed, high-energy proponent of education, she’ll give our BOE a boost of objectivity, accountability, and fortitude to fight for our children.

Count on Deb to be a driving force on our BOE. In terms of fiscal responsibility, Deb is committed to ensuring services and vendors are competitively priced and we have the internal resources to manage them effectively. She’s results-oriented and will focus on programs that maximize the educational experiences of all students.

Finally, Deb is a public servant, not a politician. Her fact-based problem solving means she doesn’t “play politics.” I like that!

On November 7, please, write-in “Deb Z.,” in square 14D for Board of Education. She’s an analytical breath of fresh air, always seeking knowledge and considering all perspectives, without preconceptions. She’s fair, cares about the future of our town, and is committed to our children’s success.

Repeat after me. “Deb Z. in 14D.”

Mitch Bolinsky, State Representative
3 Wiley Lane, Newtown          November 1, 2017

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