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2016-17 NMS Student Council Elected

Published: November 25, 2016

Newtown Middle School students chose the lineup for the school’s 2016-17 Student Council on Monday, November 7, after candidates for offices shared prepared speeches at two assemblies.

Candidates for president were Eduardo Geraldo, Jordan Gomes, Max Lucas, and Nate Wheeler.

Vice presidential candidates were Cooper Bateson, Mihill Dushi, Matthew Maher, and Justin Tarlow. Summer Wilmot was the only candidate for treasurer, and Will Brock was the sole candidate for spokesperson.

NMS Student Council advisors Nadia Papalia, Elizabeth Iaciofano, and Abigail Olsen oversaw the assemblies and the election process.

Ms Papalia announced the results from the election on Tuesday, November 8. Nate Wheeler won for president, Justin Tarlow was named vice president, and Summer Wilmot and Will Brock were officially announced as the treasurer and spokesperson, respectively.

At the assemblies, each candidate for a position was given the chance to share a speech on why they would be the best choice for the appointment.

“As president I will take any ideas you have … and talk to the teachers about [them], as well as my own ideas,” Nate said, as part of his speech. Later he said, “Good luck voting to all, and remember to vote for Nate Wheeler.”

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