medical marijuana

  • Melissa Etheridge Wants To Get Intimate With You... At Solo Shows Monday, Tuesday

    As a lifelong 12-string guitar player, I still recall the day back in 1988 when the first few jangling chords of "Like the Way I Do" came ripping out of the radio, followed by the plaintive, powerful voice of an aspiring singer-songwriter named Melissa Etheridge. 

    While I couldn't really put my finger on exactly what it was that had such intense and immediate appeal, I was far from alone as Etheridge went on to win a Grammy the following year for "Bring Me Some Water," another hit from her self-titled debut. 

  • P&Z Approves Moratorium On Medical Marijuana Applications

    Following a June 5 public hearing, the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) created the regulatory mechanism known as a “moratorium,” which allows the land use agency to suspend the filing of applications on certain specific types of land uses, if deemed necessary.

    After that action, the P&Z then voted to enact such a one-year moratorium on applications for the local growing and/or dispensing of “medical marijuana.”

  • Moratorium/Marijuana Rules Proposal Slated For P&Z Public Hearing

    Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) members are slated to continue a public hearing on June 5 on a proposal to create new zoning regulations that would allow the agency to place a “moratorium” on certain land use applications.

    Also, P&Z members are proposing applying such a one-year moratorium on the local growing and/or dispensing of “medical marijuana.”