12.14 Foundation’s ‘Midsummer’ Cast Wraps Up Complex Recording Process

When all is sung and done, owners of the soon-to-be-released original soundtrack of The 12.14 Foundation’s "A Rockin’ Midsummer Night’s Dream" will be able to sample from either the “Moon” or “Stars” cast CDs, or they can enjoy all he subtle diversities between the two. Over several days in recent weeks, dozens of young cast members, the professional leads, and members of the pit orchestra joined Director Michael Unger, who adapted the Shakespeare work into a contemporary musical, and composer/lyricist Eric Svejcar at Carriage House Studios in Stamford to complete recording for the anticipated holiday season double CD release.

Lake Authority: ‘Rake Away From The Lake’

Making a request of the lakeside community, Candlewood Lake Authority (CLA) members have asked residents to “rake away from the lake this fall.” Residents and officials both offer their views on possible problems with leaves dumped in the water. Lake Zoar Authority members support the CLA, said member Gary Fillion. “Word needs to get out to shoreline residents that leaves blown into the water is a problem,” he said. “When I see the lake covered in leaves, I know it’s not Mother Nature, I know it’s people blowing leaves in,” he said. The lake, he added, is “not a dumpster.” Mr Fillion has heard people say that leaves are natural, let Mother Nature handle it, “But we need to be better stewards with concerns for the ecology” of too many leaves in the water.

Second Annual Charlottes's Litter Therapy/Comfort Dog Walk-A-Thon Celebrated

The second annual Charlotte’s Litter Therapy/Comfort Dog Walk-A-Thon had more than 200 registered walkers and about 40 therapy dogs with handlers participate on Saturday, October 18, at Sea Bluff Beach. The event was hosted by Newtown Kindness to celebrate the first year of the Charlotte’s Litter program, which was founded in honor of Charlotte Helen Bacon, an avid dog lover who lost her life on 12/14.

Collection For Canines Continues

A collection box has been set up in the lobby of The Newtown Bee’s office, at 5 Church Hill Road, to collect items for Newtown’s Animal Control Facility. The annual collection is done in honor of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and will benefit those who care for dogs still hoping to be adopted from the town’s animal control facility.

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