Ramsey's Rainbow

Newtown Middle School technology education teacher Don Ramsey caught a photo of a rainbow in Newtown on Monday, July 28. Following an overcast day punctuated with a few showers and a brief downpour, the rainbow came out around 7 pm. This was the view looking east-southeast from 160 South Main Street. Today's weather should be, according to the National Weather Service, more stable, with sun all day and temperatures near 80 degrees. The humidity at 9 am is at 73 percent. [read more]

A Final Farewell To Fredericka House

All that remained of the historic Fredericka House on Friday, July 25, was a pile of concrete and bent pipes heaped next to a giant industrial screener in the Newtown United Methodist Church parking lot. Darin and David Renihan of Site Services in Danbury stood nearby, surveying the packed surface where the house had once stood. It has been many years since Fredericka House opened its doors onto Church Hill Road. Built around 1810 by one of the early Sanford family members, it was given to Elizabeth C. Sanford upon her marriage to Edmond Trowbridge Hastings Gibson, a New York broker, by her brother, David Sanford, in 1842. The house continued to make its presence known, though, for many years. When Fredericka House was demolished, its wood, lathe, plaster and foundation were allowed to collapse into the basement. Each spring, the church community has found itself paying to fill in sinkholes that occur as the debris continued to decompose and settle.

FunSpace II Dedicated, But Still Closed

While the formal dedication of FunSpace II, the new playground at Dickinson Park, was held over the weekend, Newtown Parks & Recreation is reminding residents that the playground is still closed. “We need this week to finish the safety surfacing and borders,” the department announced via email Tuesday morning. The chance that the playground would be dedicated, but remain closed, on Saturday was a caveat the department had issued when it announced the date of its dedication earlier this month.

Half-Way Through A Summer Of Reading

This week marks the halfway point of C.H. Booth Library’s Summer Reading Program, “Fizz, Boom, READ!” This summer, readers who wish to participate in the Summer Reading Program now have two options: They can fill traditional paper log of what they have read, or they can set up an online account through Summer Reader. "We figure having the choice to partake in the Summer Reading Program online is easier and more convenient for people. All a person needs is WiFi, and they can sign up,” said Children's Librarian Alana Bennison. Participants of all ages have more than 40,000 titles to choose from this year.

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