Edmond Town Hall Theater

  • The Way It’s Meant To Be

    To the Editor:

    We watched one of the world’s great movies at the Edmond Town Hall on Sunday.  We were absolutely amazed at how Casablanca changed on the big screen.  Not just size, although we could see details that we never saw before, but the whole flow of the movie was different than on the small screen. We could hear other people quoting lines before they were said on screen. Sitting in a darkened theater is how the movie and the others in the series were meant to be experienced.

  • One Sunday In Oz

    To the Editor:

    Dorothy and Toto greeted us at the door and we even saw a couple of guests who came in costume. 

  • Free Movie Night At ETH Theatre, Saturday

    Thanks to an ongoing gesture of kindness by Ingersoll Auto of Danbury, the March 8 evening movie screening at Edmond Town Hall Theatre will be free of charge.

    Ingersoll Auto of Danbury, owned by Todd Ingersoll of Newtown, started this monthly offer in January 2013. The company has arranged for one free movie screening at 45 Main Street each month.