Kim Weber

  • chbMakers Wrap Up A Fun Summer

    Throughout the summer, the C.H. Booth Library has been holding educational classes, called chbMakers, for the youth of Newtown. The last class took place on Wednesday, August 12, and was hosted by Kim Weber, the young adult librarian.

    The chbMakers classes highlight different projects, and the classes held over the summer focused on a number of projects.

    According to Ms Weber, the final class focused on teaching the kids about circuitry through two activities; MaKey MaKey and Squishy Circuits.

  • Library Hosts Cupcake Wars

    The C.H. Booth Library held its first Cupcake Wars event on Wednesday, July 8.

    The event was inspired by the popular television show of the same name on the Food Network, according to Young Adult Librarian Kim Weber. However, the idea came from other libraries in the area.

    “Libraries love to borrow good ideas from other libraries,” said Ms Weber.

  • Library Director Search This Time Is Deliberate And Comprehensive

    Thoughtful, diligent, thorough, and complete are a few of the words Michael Talluto chose to describe the work being done by the New Director Search Committee of the Board of Trustees of C.H. Booth Library. Mr Talluto, a member of the board, is the chairman of the committee, and has been selected by the group to serve as spokesperson.

  • Planning Continues For Library's Young Adult Council

    Although displaced from the regular meeting space in the C.H. Booth Library since the beginning of the year, when flooding disrupted business at the facility, the Young Adult Council (YAC) has continued to meet regularly at other sites. The group is made up of young people in grades six and up, and is dedicated to promoting programs and raising funds to benefit the Young Adult Department of the C.H. Booth Library, under the guidance of YA Librarian Kim Weber.