good samaritan

  • Guided By Kindness

    To the Editor:

    Thank you to the lovely young woman and her two patient children whom I asked for help. I drove down Hanover Road looking for a way to The Villa and ended at the shore of a lake. This Good Samaritan family led me to The Boulevard, Church Hill Road, and The Villa parking lot.

    Their bumper sticker said "Be Kind", and they were.


    Fran Simone

  • Heartfelt Thanks

    To the Editor:

    My teenage son's vehicle was rear-ended today, 2/17, at South Main Street and Bryan Lane at 12:30 pm. Before he was taken to the hospital, a kind witness, called 911 and helped him before emergency personnel arrived.

    I hope that kind soul reads this and I may convey my heartfelt thanks to you. Your assistance is appreciated more than you know. 

    Gratefully yours,

    Wendy Audet

  • Recharged By Newtown’s Kindness

    To the Editor:

    Another example of why it’s “Nicer in Newtown.”

  • Snow Angel

    To the Editor:

    After clearing my driveway, shoveling walks and clearing snow off the car, what was left was the three feet of snow at the foot of the driveway and at least that far into the street.  As the rain came in, I headed indoors for a much needed break and the hopes the rain will stop before we lost daylight.