TheWay We Were

  • The Way We Were

    July 14, 1989

    In Newtown, the rains were heavy, the wind was stiff, and the lightning was striking. But compared with towns such as Waterbury, Bantam, and Carmel, N.Y., which were damaged by tornadoes, Newtown had little to complain about, in connection with the storms that hit the area on the early evening of July 10.


  • The Way We Were

    February 3, 1989

    The final draft of the state’s Environmental Impact Evaluation repeats in four volumes what the November draft reported in one — that Newtown’s site is the “best fit” for a $46 million proposed jail. Newtown’s first selectmen and legal counsel have a different interpretation of the evaluation’s usefulness, however, and expect to begin analyzing legal remedies next week.