solar energy

  • Sunlight Will Save Town On Energy Costs

    With the help of a hydraulic lift, members of Sound Solar Systems LLC fitted solar panels in place on the Parks & Recreation Department garage on Trades Lane Tuesday morning.

    The new solar system will cover “virtually the entire roof,” front and back, said Public Works Director Fred Hurley.

    Kathy Quinn, chair of the town’s Sustainable Energy Commission, was glad they are doing that there, she said, “because everyone can see it.”

  • Program Doubled Residential Solar Use; Discounts Through March 31

    The Solarize Newtown initiative was a success, said Sustainable Energy Commission chairman Kathy Quinn.

  • Solarize Newtown Program Set To End

    To the Editor:

    The Solarize Newtown program is coming to an end.  Participants in the program must sign contracts by February 28 in order to maximize savings.

  • An Opportunity To Solarize

    To the Editor:

    Cable, electric, and gas prices all go up and what choice do you have? Little to none? The opportunity exists right now here in Newtown to significantly change that, which my wife and I have done.

    We signed up for a solar panel installation with Astrum Solar as a part of their ongoing effort to solarize Newtown. There are cost savings available through February 11th for those that sign up before then as well as federal tax credits.

  • Final Home Solar Installation Workshop Scheduled

    UPDATE (Tuesday, January 21, 2014): This workshop has been postponed due to today's snow. It will be held on its snow date of January 23.

    The workshop has also been moved. It will now be presented in The Alexandria Room of Edmond Town Hall, at 45 Main Street.

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  • Now Is The Time To Go Solar

    To the Editor:

    Newtown is now at the Tier 4 pricing level.  As the number of homeowners who install solar systems increases, the price drops for everyone in Solarize Newtown. If you have already had a site survey done or are still thinking about having one done, now is the time to start moving forward.