Harlan Jessup

  • Genealogy Club Meeting April 8: ‘The Road Less Traveled’

    The next meeting of The Genealogy Club of Newtown will be Wednesday, April 8. The meeting will be at C.H. Booth Memorial Library, 25 Main Street in Newtown.

    Meetings start promptly at 7 pm, with a help desk available at 6:45 for those who need help with a problem in their research.

    This month’s speakers will be Matthew Bielawa and/or Professor Jonathan Shea. They will speak on “The Road Less Traveled,” on researching ancestors in Poland and eastern Europe. “Coffee and” will be served.

  • Genealogy Club Meeting & Program Cancelled

    The Genealogy Club of Newtown’s meeting and program scheduled for tonight at C.H. Booth Library has been cancelled. The cancellation is a result of water pipes that burst and damaged many areas of the 25 Main Street location last Saturday afternoon. All programs hosted by the library have been cancelled.

  • Regional Genealogy Libraries, Program At Booth Library

    UPDATE (January 8, 2014): Due to the sprinkler pipe breakage and related damage and remediation at the library this week, this program has been cancelled.

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    The next meeting of The Genealogy Club of Newtown will take place on Wednesday, January 8, at C.H. Booth Library. The meeting will start at 7 pm but a help desk will be available one half hour before the meeting for those in need of extra help with a research problem.

  • Mixed Program For Next Genealogy Club Meeting

    The Genealogy Club of Newtown is planning a special three-part program for its meeting on Wednesday, December 11. Topics will cover free informative webinars, multiple resources at C.H. Booth library, and helpful suggestions for organizing records.

    The meeting will be held at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street in Newtown. It will begin at 7 pm, and all are invited to attend.