Ray Sipherd

  • Adventure Center Launches Storytelling Series

    Newtown resident Ray Sipherd, who wrote scripts for the television program Sesame Street for 17 years, was featured as the first storyteller on Saturday, November 16, in the Children’s Adventure Center’s new program known as Sandy Hook Bookworms.

    Mr Sipherd read from storybooks to a group of young children and their parents in a well-lit, brightly colored space at the center known as The Sunshine Room.

  • Children’s Adventure Center To Begin Storytelling Series

    (NOTE, November 11, 2013: This story has been corrected to properly reflect the background of Ray Sipherd, the guest reader for November 16.)


    The Children’s Adventure Center is opening its new library of children’s books, known as “The Joy of Books,” to all area preschool children.