Ana Grace Project

  • Foundation Promoting ‘Connections’ Grants To Support Community Healing

    When Jennifer D.

  • Recovery Expert Believes Strengthening Connections Will Help Newtown Heal

    Renowned recovery expert and author Dr Bruce Perry believes that when it comes to individuals — even entire communities — struggling to recover from trauma, healing happens faster and more effectively if those involved don’t try to go it alone.

  • ‘Love Wins: Love Is The Antidote’ To Be At Congregational Church In December

    Newtown Congregational Church will host a special breakfast gathering for the community on Wednesday, December 2, from 9 to 11 am.

    Sponsored by The Ana Grace Project in honor of Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, the morning will feature a keynote by Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, international speaker, author and senior fellow, ChildTrauma Academy. Dr Perry is expected to speak on the morning’s theme, “Love Wins: Love Is The Antidote — How Deepening Connections and Relationships Transform Families and Communities.”

  • ‘Love Wins’ Conference Introduces The Ana Grace Project

    The Center for Community and Connection at Klingberg Family Centers in New Britain is the centerpiece of the Ana Grace Project, explained Nelba Marquez-Greene on Monday this week. She is the mother of Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, one of 20 first grade students who perished at Sandy Hook Elementary School 12/14.