The Ana Grace Project

  • Ana Grace Project Planning 'Love Wins' Events For Town, Trauma Responders

    Jimmy Greene and Nelba Marquez-Greene hold a photo of their late daughter Ana Grace during a news conference shortly after 12/14. The couple, along with their son, Isaiah, have been working to honor Ana Grace by establishing a foundation focusing on a number of partnerships and a music scholarship initiative at Western Connecticut State University. They are planning a community event in Newtown December 2, as well as a daylong mental health conference at WestConn the following day.

  • ‘Love Wins’ Conference Promoted Community Collaboration

    WEST HARTFORD — “Love Wins: A Conference Promoting Love, Connection and Community for Every Child and Family” took place Monday, December 2, at the University of Hartford’s Lincoln Theater. The inaugural event of the Ana Grace Project of Klingberg Family Centers celebrated the life of Ana Grace Márquez-Greene, and inspired the nearly 500 people in attendance to explore effective ways to build community and interpersonal connection to prevent violence and promote recovery.

  • Márquez -Greene Family Launches The Ana Grace Project

    The family of Ana Grace Márquez-Greene launched the Ana Grace Project of Klingberg Family Centers on October 22, to honor their daughter’s life that ended at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. The project’s mission is to promote love, connection, and community for every child and family.