• Thousands Visited Main Street For Halloween

    Costumed residents of all ages turned out for Trick or Treating along Main Street on Saturday. One homeowner reported more than 2,700 visitors.

  • Keep Newtown's Halloween Authentic

    To the Editor:

    There is nothing quite as authentic as Halloween on Newtown's charmingly bucolic Main Street. The way residents spookily garland their homes, the care with which families conceive and construct their costumes, the generous dispatch of candy – all of it speaks of community. It is a genuine coming-together of a special town.

  • Top of the Mountain

    Are you ready for Halloween? Plenty of homes up and down Main Street are decked out for this one-day holiday, and ready to greet the goblins that swarm the street, October 31. Don’t forget that Dental Associates in Newtown (11 Church Hill Road) is sponsoring a candy buyback, Tuesday, November 3. If you were the object of too much generosity on Halloween, Dental Associates will pay $2 a pound for wrapped Halloween candy, up to ten pounds per child. Stop in between noon and 2 pm for payback on your bounty.

  • What A Great Year!

    To the Editor:

    What a great year we had!

    I am once again so grateful of the way that Newtown has embraced the Great Pumpkin Challenge for its fourth year.

  • Vandals Strike During Halloween Period

    Police report they received nine calls from residents concerning cases of minor vandalism which they  had discovered at their properties on and after Halloween.

    The incidents reported to police were typical of the vandalism that occurs during the Halloween period, including cases such as intentionally damaged curbside mailboxes, according to police.

  • Halloween On Main Street

    Visitors of all ages visited Newtown's Main Street on Friday, October 31, for the biggest costume party of the year, an unofficial gathering that draws residents from across town as well as the region. A number of homeowners went all out with decorations and displays, which were enjoyed for a few hours even with the threat of rain. 

  • Halloween Festivities At The Newtown Senior Center

    A group of dancers fill the dance floor, led by Mary Hanlon, left, in a flowing purple cape and Louella Dwyer in a peacock-themed cape and mask. “Train Conductor” Maryann Zacchea and Sylvia Battista dance, to their right, and Marianne Muskus and Janice Garten can be seen in the background.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Please tell me you did not forget to celebrate National Cat Day, Wednesday, October 29, with your favorite feline…

  • Boo! Happy Halloween

    As if sensing the approaching All Hallow’s Eve, ghosts, goblins, and other monsters took their place this week in time for Friday, October 31. Halloween decorations — especially those along Main Street where several thousand parents and children trick-or-treat each year — kept vigil as Friday crept near. Ghosts circling a wooden sign post wait at the corner of Main Street and Church Hill Road near the flagpole. 

  • Running Down Some Halloween Treats

    Three young girls dressed as Elsa, one of the princesses in Disney's Frozen, run toward one of their candy destinations last weekend during the Fourth Annual Sandy Hook Halloween Walk. Girls in the light blue gowns seemed to be everywhere for a few hours on October 25, as children dressed up to give their costumes a trial run (literally, in this case) in a daytime event in Sandy Hook Center. Nearly two dozen local businesses welcomed visitors through their doors.