Planning and Zoning

  • Building A Tractor Supply Where The Small-Town Character Used To Be

    To the Editor:

    The request by Tractor Supply to change zoning from residential to South Main Village Design District (SMVDD) overlay zoning has now been approved and designated as Special Design District-4 (SDD-4).

    A major objective of the SMVDD zoning is to enhance the small-town New England character of South Main Street.

    That begs the question: What is the character of small-town New England?
    My answer: Residential homes interspersed with commercial businesses and agricultural fields.

  • When P&Z Decisions Are Pre-Determined, Public Comment Is A Waste Of Time

    To the Editor:

    My neighbors and I have been attending Planning and Zoning meetings regarding the proposed development of property near Exit 9 in the Hawleyville district since August.  On the night of November 5th we were there until midnight.

    At this point I have to ask myself why?

  • Rude Remarks

    To the Editor:

    I would like to comment on some of the rude behavior my neighbors and I have witnessed during the public comment portion of the P&Z meetings regarding the Hawleyville Mixed-Use Site.

    It was my understanding that if someone gets up to speak at the microphone and states their name, then they are allowed to speak without interruption from the other people in attendance.

  • The Exit 10 Guessing Game

    The Planning and Zoning Commission is currently engaging in a strangely inverted process of overseeing a development proposal for the area of Exit 10 at Church Hill, Edmond, and Commerce Roads. Instead of receiving a specific and detailed development plan — in this case for commercial uses — it has received a proposal for a “design district” that will eventually contain those new, but still undisclosed, commercial uses.

  • P&Z Rejects Zoning Change Proposal For Elderly Housing

    Following lengthy discussion at a September 3 Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) public hearing, P&Z members unanimously rejected proposed new zoning regulations on “elderly housing.”

  • P&Z Approves River Walk Condo Complex In Sandy Hook Center

    An elevation drawing of two of the smaller apartment buildings at The River Walk at Sandy Hook Village shows architectural detailing for the structures that will be part of the planned 65-unit condominium complex.

  • Remaking Newtown

    To the Editor:

    Many thanks to The Bee editorial “Design District Zoning - Designed For What?” for its reminder to the community that the consolidation of land use and economic development has abandoned any hope of maintaining “village” character in the town that we all love for its friendliness and country setting.

  • Design District Zoning. Designed For What?

    Twenty years ago, Newtown’s Planning and Zoning Commission implemented an innovative zoning concept to address its goal at the time of encouraging diverse yet compatible uses in Sandy Hook Center while preserving its essential character as a mixed-use hamlet with deep roots in the community’s commercial history.

  • River Walk Condo Proposal Draws Criticism On Traffic And Size

    An elevation drawing of one of the two large buildings proposed for The River Walk at Sandy Hook Village on Washington Avenue in Sandy Hook Center.


  • P&Z Endorses Hawleyville Sewer System Extension

    Following discussion at a March 19 session, Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) members unanimously endorsed the town’s plans to expand the municipal sanitary sewer system in Hawleyville, a project which is intended to stimulate economic development, especially in the area near the Exit 9 interchange of Interstate 84.