letter to the editor

  • Grateful For Kindness And Support

    To the Editor:

    The Sandy Hook School PTA would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the many people who have helped support our school community during these most challenging months since December 14th.

    We have done our best to thank every first responder who came to our rescue in December, but we realize we will never be able to adequately acknowledge them all. We will never forget all you did for us, not only on December 14th, but during the days and weeks that followed.      

  • Town Meeting: Might As Well Have Locked The Door

    To the Editor

    With regard to last Wednesday’s town meeting scheduled for 7 pm.

    I arrived at the Newtown Municipal Center at 7:03 pm. The registrars were giving out voting cards upon proof of identity. I would judge that there were somewhere in the range of 25 people in orderly lines, and it took until about 7:10 for me to get my ticket. There were still several behind me.

  • The Cost Of Doing Business

    To the Editors:

    Look at President Obama’s vast economic deception. From his pronouncements that Obamacare will save money, with no mention that the total cost will be more than twice the $900 billion claimed, to our new improved Gross National Product numbers. When the facts do not support his claims, he changes the measuring stick.

  • A Huge Waste Of Taxpayer Money

    To the Editor:

    Queen Street + Speed Bumps = huge waste of taxpayer money.

    The town should take the same approach to Queen Street that they have taken for the road that we live on, which hasn’t cost the town a penny. The speed limit on our road is 15 mph and no one breaks it. Here’s the trick — our road hasn’t been resurfaced in 30 years. Its full of cracks and potholes, the curbs are falling apart. It is impossible to go over 15 mph without ruining your car’s suspension.

  • An Outpouring Of Support

    To the Editor:

    The wonderful outpouring of support for the 38th annual book sale to benefit the C.H. Booth Library has insured once again that the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library can fulfill its mission of generously funding the acquisitions, programs, and enhancements in library service we residents of Newtown so enjoy and expect. The large cadre of devoted and indefatigable book sale volunteers deserve our deep thanks for sustaining this perennially successful town event.