special education

  • Crises Interventions, Special Ed Referrals Trending Up As Enrollment Declines

    Interim School Superintendent John Reed knows there is a natural tendency for residents to believe rapidly declining local school enrollment in recent years translates into expectations of downtrending across all aspects of local school district operations.

    But in the months prior to the Sandy Hook tragedy, and especially in the months since 12/14, Dr Reed has been seeing an alarming increase in crisis interventions within the district, as well as referrals to an emergency mobile psychiatric team for all Newtown youths age 18 and under.

  • School District Hires New Supervisor Of Special Education

    The Newtown Public School District announced on Monday, July 15, it hired Sandy Rodriguez as supervisor of special education.

    Ms Rodriguez comes to Newtown from the Stratford Public Schools with 12 years of experience, encompassing work as an outplacement facilitator and as a psychologist in both the school and clinical settings. 

    Before her tenure in Stratford, she worked at Fairfield Public Schools-Mill Hill Elementary from 2004 to 2005 and at Yale New Haven Hospital from 2001-2007.