• Should Supreme Court Members Be Elected?

    To the Editor:

  • Leadership And The Law

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  • Where Do You Stand On Tyranny?

    To the Editor:

    I find it very interesting that our imperial president has taken it upon himself to again shred the Constitution and upgrade his executive powers.

    There is no question that the infamous Affordable Care Act aka, Obamacare is a questionable law.  Yes; it was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court; but it was ruled a tax – and there lies another  question for another time.

  • To Our Unthinking Hedonist Elected Leaders

    (The following letter has been emailed to Barack Obama, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, John  Boehner, Chris Murphy, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.)

  • Amending The Constitution

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  • Obama Ignores The Constitution

    To the Editor:

    A few years ago the Democrat Party had as their central message the trampling of the Constitution by the Republicans. The good news is that at least the Republicans knew we had a Constitution. I don’t think anyone in the White House knows that document is still in existence.